Discover The Push-Button Secret To…
UnlimitedWealth Love Health & Happiness

Push Button Manifestation magic is a progressive 3 step program consisting of a set of scientifically proven audio tracks, created using highly effective and specific sound frequencies and vibrations to unlock the unlimited potential of the human mind, tapping into the spiritual subconscious and enables individuals to manifest wealth, health, love and happiness effortlessly.

The 15 minute manifestation audio tracks have been created using the latest developments in brain science to unlock your full Gamma Potentials. Listen to the tracks anywhere, such as a park, the gym, while shopping or at home while doing chores or before going to sleep. Experience what it is like to be truly free, to choose your own path and to live the life of your dreams with unlimited abundance.

Step 1: Calming Phase

Alpha audio track to remove Stressors from your day to day life that negatively impact both your mental and physical health and inhibit manifestation, such as anxiety, uncertainty, stress and fear.

Step 2: Healing Phase

Theta audio track to remove negative blockages, that have been built up in the subconscious mind over many years, and have been holding you back and replace them with new positive ones.

Step 3: Unlocking Phase

Gamma audio track to unlock your minds full potential enabling you to manifest positive outcomes effortlessly and finally start living the life you have always wanted. A life filled with Abundance.

“So glad i found this program. Using your audio tracks has been a life saver. Just like you i was literally at rock bottom and living with my parents. Now i have a new job, new apartment and someone special just came into my life!”
Lisa, Phoenix, AR
“The sceptic in me had doubts if this would work and nearly gave up after not seeing any results within the first week but then i realised skipping the first two steps might be the problem and as soon as i followed the exact steps, a huge long term contract for my start-up business landed on my lap and could not be happier. Really money well spent. Thank you!”
Jason Rouse, FL
“Wasn’t sure what to expect, but as soon as i pressed play i could literally feel the frequencies flowing right through me and it didn’t take long before i came up with an idea for a website and now earning an extra $100 a day passive income.”
Judy Lamb, San Jose, CA

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